So it Begins: European Union banning energy-inefficient goods

25 04 2009

European Union to Ban Goods that aren’t Energy Efficient : TreeHugger.

Hate to sound cocky, but… well… i called it. I should have made a bet with someone, but i take little to no credit–the writing was on the wall…

This is the beginning of a crucially important–but inevitably rife–shift to eco-protectionism…

…its going to tick off foreign manufacturers (especially in the developing world), and rightly so. But it’s going to happen regardless, so let’s hope they can leapfrog.

…the next rational step will be banning ‘unsustainable’ goods and even unsustainable produce… the question is who will define sustainable, why, and how…

…this is why i think a global life-cycle assessment initiative tied to something like the (floundering) WTO would be a rather good idea.

Here’s to hoping!




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