Sustainable Prosperity

21 01 2009

It seems like what we keep reaching for and aiming for is sustainable prosperity.

If that’s the case, I think we need a re-definition of prosperity.

Also, do you think that we’re mostly divided into two camps? The conservationists and the preservationists, each with a different set of ethics?

Or is there another camp – those who can’t afford to care – where obtaining life’s basic needs are the obvious and only priority.




2 responses

28 01 2009

I find prosperity, conservationist and preservationist all highly loaded terms. There may well be something there, but id need some definition of terms to be convinced of the utility of viewing things this way.

I tend to view us all as subject to the inherent (and often necessary!) limits and pitfalls of subjective human experience.

28 01 2009

They probably are categories that are too aggregated, but they might still be useful. I do think that there is another group that consists of people who care but fall prey to the infrastructure of unsustainability and don’t try to break from it.

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